Pastoral Greetings:

Welcome and thank you for visiting Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church website. Shiloh is a church with a rich history and heritage that has allowed us to see over one hundred and forty years of continuous fellowship.

We are a Bible teaching church which encourages its members to study the word of God in private, at bible study and in Sunday school. We believe that God has messages for us in His word and that we must diligently be seekers of his truth.

It is our desire at Shiloh to reach out and to let others know the goodness of the Lord.

​If you are seeking a church home we ask that you pray and seek direction from the Holy Spirit. If at anytime you need prayer and/or counseling, please contact me , any of our officers or a member of our church.

We pray that God continues to bless and keep you.

Rev. David L. Jones Jr.



care ministries

"A Church Where Everybody is Somebody and God is all"

I've grown to love each and every one of you

Although there is a beacon among us -so valiant and true

He's our leader, our confidant, our Pastor and friend

And we know he's with us from beginning to end

He preaches, he teachers and he even sings

Boy can he do a lot of things!!

He's a child of God, a husband and Paw Paw too!!

There's no end to the things that he can do!! 

Did I tell you that he's a student and scholar too?

There's no limit to the things he's going to do

So, let's stand by him, praise him and keep him lifted up,

That way, the blessings will also be in our cup!!

Shiloh, Stand up and give our Pastor a big hand

​And know -- Pastor Jones -- You're the man !!

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God Made Pastors

God laid His hand upon them.

and breathed hope into their spirits,

He filled them with His strength,

and placed a message of urgency around their lives.

God challenged them to greater works

than he had ever done.

Then, with His own hand of blessing.

He wrapped them up in His mantle of love

and called them Pastors.

Lord, Help My Pastor

Lord, Help my Pastor, I pray

There are many obstacles in the way

Every burden help him to bear

Dear Lord, keep him in your tender care

Give him strength and the ability

To care for the church and his family

Lord, there is so much he has to do

So shelter him in your loving arms

Safe from all danger and unsee harm

Guard his mouth, his heart and mind

Remove every tittle of sin and pride

Keep him in the hour of temptation

May he not be moved by satan's persuasion

Remove all fears, Lord, remove all doubt

By your spirit, Lord, be in his mouth

So that he will speak a word that is due

And bring your dear people closer to you.

​In Jesus Name, Amen

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​Thank you and God Bless



Reverend David Lee Jones

Who is Reverend David Lee Jones

Why, he's one of our very own

He's a man of God, a Pastor and a very good friend

He's helpful and stands by you through thick and thin

He will guide you to do the right thing, never the wrong​

He will comfort you, pray for you, even sing you a song

​Pastor Jones has a sweet spirit and a comforting smile

and Sweetie (Our First Lady) keep him dressed in style

Pastor Jones is a treasure, a jewel and one of a kind,

We here at Shiloh are blessed to have this great find. 

So, lets be thankful that God has sent us such a great man.

Come on Shiloh , show some love, stand up and give 

Pastor Jones a great big hand!!!


Gail J. Rountree

prayer request

"Commit thy works unto the lord, and thy thoughts shall be established''

Provebs 16:3

i am new here

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church


9:30 | Sunday School

10:45 AM Devotion  Sunday

11:00 AM Morning Worship

P.O. Box 388

1004 Church Street

Morrisville , N.C. 27560

Feed My Sheep

A small voice in the dark

Whispering to an open heart

My child , My child, listen to me

and the words to you I speak

My child, My child , feed my sheep

What do I have to give, I asked

Those who sorrow and despair

Those who know no hope or love

What can I feed your sheep

Master, Master, I ask You

Hear My voice upon your heart

Listen closely to what I say

As I feed you my words

and also with my love and grace, so shall you

​My child, My child, feed my sheep